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Tips to Make Your Grout Look Great

Dirty grout makes your rooms look unattractive. However, there are several ways to solve that problem and have your grout clean and good looking. It is fun cleaning tiles and grout, but most people postpone the task to clean their grouts. Gloves and a face mask are the two essential you ought to have when cleaning the grout. In addition, you need to have a cleaning brush, damp cloth, a brush and a cleaning agent. To prevent you from inhaling chemical fumes used in the cleaning and have the job completed, ensure that you have these tools. The different techniques used in cleaning the grout and tiles are explained in the following article.

Selecting the best brush for your grout is the first thing you need to consider. For the effectiveness of this job, select the v shaped brushes as they have long bristles which enable them to easily penetrate between spaces of tiles. A mixture of soda and water is among the easiest methods used to clean grout. Somebody can scrub the grout by using a toothbrush. Before commencing, it is advisable to clean the grout with a rag. Consider dipping the brush into the paste and then scrub it against the grout to clean your room. However, this method requires you to do a lot of hard scrubbing.

Another way to clean grout is by using a solution of vinegar and water. Before loading the clean spray bottle, you ought to first make the required solution. After loading it in a spray bottle, the solution is applied directly on the grout. Ensure you use a stiff brush and a scrub to remove particles or debris from the grout. Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide are recommended for use if your grout is heavily stained. When handling these cleaning reagents, ensure that you wear protective gloves. Ensure that you dilute hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleach before use. It is important to note that these reagents are not recommended for use on colored grout as they may discolor everything.

Cleaning the grout in older homes is not enough to make it look great again. Grout paint should be used in case you have an older home and that is advisable. The advantage of using grout paint is that it comes in many colors from which you can select your favorite. Allow the tiles to dry completely after cleaning them for a good painting. Broken and crushed grout need to be removed and replaced. You should apply at least two layers of the paint and make sure that it has dried up before washing. Grout paint is durable as it can last over a decade, this is a great choice to make.

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